2014       Honorable Mention, 2014 Itami International Craft Exhibition                   “Shuki-Shuhaidai”

2012       Honorable Mention, The 46th International Exhibition of                             Japan Enamelling Artist Association

2010       Honorable Mention, SOFT 4, Four International Textile Fashion                  Accessories Biennale

2005       Merit Award, The 8th Weaves Craft Award

                「Taiwan Creative Arts」, National Taiwan Craft Research                            Institute 

2004       Second Prize, The Fourth National Crafts Awards

                 Merit Award, Tainan Art, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

2003       Merit Award, The Seventh Weaves Craft Award

                 Honorable Mention, The 3rd National Crafts Awards

                 Honorable Mention, 11th Taiwan Craft Design Competition

2002       Honorable Mention, The Second National Crafts Awards

                 Honorable Mention, 10th Taiwan Craft Design Competition

2001       Honorable Mention, The First National Crafts Awards

                Merit Award, 55th Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition

                Merit Award, Tainan Fourth Annual Traditional Crafts                                  Exhibition

2000       Merit Award, The 3rd Swatch Metalwork Competition

                 Merit Award, 8th Taiwan Craft Design Competition

                 Merit Award, Tainan Third Annual Traditional Crafts                                    Exhibition

                 Honorable Mention, Tainan Art, Tainan Municipal Cultural                        Center

1999       Honorable Mention, Taiwan Pearl and Coral Design                                          Competition

1998       Merit Award, Tainan First Annual Traditional Crafts                                        Exhibition

Sumee Su

Jewelry & Metalcraft